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Based on a True Story

We have a passion for New England cycling events.  So much so that years before starting Endurance Threads out of the back room of a bike shop we founded Rock Hard Racing.  RHR takes everything that we love about our favorite events and expands on them in frequently irreverent fashion.  We developed our own style by taking everything that we love about a great event and removing anything that we don't like and throwing it in the trash.  The result is something that we hope people love.  But that's enough about Rock Hard Racing.  Let's talk about your event.

We want to support events in New England.  Why?  Well for one we don't always want to be the ones stapling arrows to trees and stomping stakes into the ground.  We love to race too and there are tons of great events out there that we can't wait to attend every year.  Sidenote, if "Weasels" is in the name we will absolutely be there without fail.  I once set up our trailer/tent at Ice Weasels Cometh 2019 and hobbled my crippled self around with a walker while I recovered from a car accident and I brought my bike as if I could race.  I'd have tried too if anyone had let me.  IWC is an event that you DO NOT miss.

So if you're building an event in New England that has potential to be a "can't miss" we'd love to support you.  Even if you're building an event that could totally be missed but has wicked good potential we want to support you.  The more great events there are in New England the more options we have every weekend to spend time together as a cycling community.  A well lubed chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

If you're reading this please reach out to us about your event.  We can provide you with podium prizes and even point you in the right direction for your merchandise needs.  If we're free that weekend we'll rent a spot and set up shop to sell our gear, race, and probably help out as well.

Endurance Threads x Your Event
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