New England Adventure Fellowship

NEAF is a collection of events, brands, and athletes brought together for the love of the New England Outdoors.

Our community was originally created to promote Endurance Threads, Ride Maple, and Rock Hard Racing but as soon as we began building it we knew that it could do that and so much more.


  • Endurance Threads

    We create quality cycling apparel, hats, tees, socks, bottles, gloves and accessories not just for New Englanders, but for anyone who loves happy little trees.


  • Ride Maple

    We hand build carbon wheelsets for road, gravel, cyclocross, triathlon, and mountain bikes with attention to detail and custom options to make every set unique.


  • Pine Tees

    Our unique designs on a variety of tees, hoodies, and more in a rainbow of colors. Too many for our Endurance Threads site to manage.


  • Rock Hard Racing

    We promote several mountain bike, gravel, and cyclocross events here in New England. Our events are fun and challenging because it's supposed to be hard.


  • IAmMikeOC Marketing

    Web Design, Email Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Sales Training, Print On Demand, and More

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Rock Hard Racing